Libya’s NOC warns of car-bombs targeting state-owned oil headquarters

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has strongly condemned “the desperate attempts of an armed group, under the cover of legitimacy, to intervene with exposed motives and in a dirty manner in the technical responsibilities of Brega Petroleum Marketing Company’s activities.”

The National Oil Corporation warned in a statement Wednesday that it will take all the necessary legal actions against its individuals involved in this blackmailing.

The National Oil Corporation also asserted that it is in communications with the Head of the Government, the Ministry of Interior, the Office of Attorney General as being the competent authorities, submitting written reports against this entity and its involved individuals to reveal their blatant practices through which they try to pass suspicious deals of oil.

“On the other hand, news has reported that the headquarters of one of the national oil companies will be targeted by car-bombs in a different type of blackmailing against the national petroleum resources. We communicated with the disciplined security authorities which are adhered to the right law to make sure of the correctness and accuracy of this information.” The NOC also warned.

It said all the precautions were taken by raising the degree of arrangements to combat the hazards surrounding the national oil sector.

“We hold this armed group responsible for attacking the oil sector companies especially that it was involved in the failed attack on the National Oil Corporation on 23 November 2020.” The NOC explained.

“As the National Oil Corporation calls the attention to the jeopardy of these irresponsible acts, it will spare no effort in taking the entire deterrent legal actions on both local and international levels and it totally rejects such acts against the national oil sector and its employees who are making tremendous efforts to maintain the continuity of operating the entire facilities of the vital oil sector.” The NOC concluded.


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