Libya’s Presidential Council slams Sisi’s threats as “declaration of war”

The Libyan Presidential Council said in a statement on Sunday that the intervention in Libyan affairs and encroachment on its sovereignty by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi amount to a blatant violation of state sovereignty and a declaration of war.

The Presidential Council said the Government of National Accord (GNA) is the only legitimate government in Libya and has the right to sign whatever agreements with the countries of its own choosing.

“We won’t allow Sisi to use the language of threats against the Libyan people. The red lines are drawn by the blood of the martyrs in Libya and we as the legitimate government decide the place and time of our military operations on Libyan soil.” The Presidential Council said.

The statement also said that Haftar’s backers started to talk about peace and political dialogue just after Haftar’s militias had been defeated and their dictatorship and military rule project collapsed.

This statement comes after the announcement of Sisi that his country’s army is now permitted by international laws to intervene in Libya by fighting alongside Haftar’s militias and arming Libyan tribes to fight the Libyan Army under the legitimate GNA.


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