Libya’s Security Council resolution is binding, Munich-hosted International Follow-Up Commission says

Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said that the International Follow-up Commission of Berlin conclusions on Libya has agreed that the UN Security Council resolution on Libya has become abiding for all states and parties.

Maas added, in a presser on Sunday in Munich after the meeting for foreign ministers of countries which participated in Berlin conference on Libya, that they will pressure all Libya’s parties to commit to the UN Security Council resolutions, especially respecting the arms embargo that is suffering grave violations.

“We’re monitoring all of the routes that bring arms to Libya. We support any decisions that focus on the role of the European Union to guarantee no violations of the arms embargo take place.” He explained.

Munich hosted Sunday the first meeting for the International Follow-up Commission for the Berlin conference conclusions in the presence of many countries, including Russia, Turkey, France and Italy.

In the meantime, the German Foreign Minister said his country was ready to help implement the ceasefire in Libya as per the request of the UN and the Libyan parties.

He indicated that the Munich meeting Sunday will discuss forming a mechanism to monitor and implement the decisions made in Berlin on January 19, especially the ones related to the arms embargo in Libya.


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