Libya’s UN ambassador criticizes EU’s Operation IRINI

Libya’s ambassador to the United Nations Taher El Sonni has called on the European Union (EU) to unify their efforts in support of the ongoing Libyan dialogues apart from “destructive competition”, which he says “has been ongoing for years.”

El Sonni’s remarks came in a virtual meeting with the EU state ambassadors at the UN. He commented on EU’s Operation IRINI by saying it “doesn’t provide serious monitoring of arms and mercenaries’ influx into Libya via land borders and airspace as it needs to be more inclusive and in coordination with the Government of National Accord (GNA).”

El Sonni added that ceasefire’s success in Libya is contingent on strong international assurances and monitoring of any possible violations.

He also indicated that the GNA had been backing up the dialogue option for years and tried to make them successful away from foreign intervention.

El Sonni added that the EU bears massive moral responsibility toward what has become of Libya due to its silence about the actions of spoilers of the Libyan Political Agreement and war crimes in the country, indicating that the EU should work on allowing Libyans to lead their way out of this crisis.


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