Libya’s UN ambassador urges ICC to probe murder of lawyer Al-Burasi

The Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, Al-Taher El Sonni, has urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to probe the killing of activist and lawyer Hanan Al-Burasi by militias in Benghazi.

El Sonni remarked in his speech in a Security Council meeting Tuesday in the presence of ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda that Al-Burasi was killed in Benghazi because she criticized Khalifa Haftar and his sons.

He indicated that Libya urges the ICC to issue arrest warrants of the perpetrators of Tarhouna crimes as well as the ones behind the orders either inside or outside of Libya.
El Sonni said any outcomes from the ongoing political dialogue as well as other UN-led tracks for solution can’t achieve real reconciliation without starting with accountability and justice first.

Al-Burasi was murdered by gunmen in Benghazi in eastern Libya Tuesday morning as she was getting out of her car on Street 20.

Al-Burasi was murdered just after she appeared in a video on social media criticizing Khalifa Haftar and his sons as well as his militias’ crimes and lawlessness in Benghazi and in eastern Libya in general.

Libya Alahrar sources said the gunmen were in three cars and then they were seen getting out of the cars and shooting Al-Burasi on the busy Benghazi Street 20.


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