LOFIM denounces measures of GNU’s media bureau

The Libyan Organization for Independent Media (LOFIM) denounced administrative measures imposed by the media bureau of the Government of National Unity (GNU), describing the action as obstruction of media.

The bureau demands media outlets that want to cover news about the prime minister to provide documents that include the institution’s license approved by the external media department. The bureau required the letter contains the names of two correspondents and their locations and phone numbers. All within two days.

The LOFIM described the measures as deliberate complications of media work, curtailment of freedom of expression, denial of access to information protected by international conventions and a non-assuring indication of the new authority’s policy towards journalists. Moreover, the institution should note that the bureau can obtain the lists directly from the external media department instead.

The LOFIM referred to the invalidity of the external media department’s measures in the Libyan media authority and the General Authority for TV and radio. It added that they are considered a breach of the temporary constitutional declaration as they have no legal basis. It called on lawyers and defenders of human rights and freedom of opinion and expression to appeal against the decisions and annul them.


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