Macron, Menfi meet in Paris as France embassy poised to reopen in Tripoli

The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, has agreed with the French President, Emmanuel Macron, to reopen Paris embassy in Tripoli next Monday, a move that entitles a new chapter of bilateral relations between Tripoli and Paris.

The announcement came in a press conference between Menfi and Macron in Paris, where the latter arrived on Tuesday afternoon along with his deputy Mossa Al-Koni to discuss support for the Government of National Unity by France as Libya heads to elections.

Menfi’s visit to France is the first he makes after he has assumed office as the Head of the Libyan Presidential Council.

During the press conference, Menfi thanked France for what he said was the “support for Libya’s stability”, adding that the first steps of such a support would be reopening French embassy in Libya.

Macron said France would be working with international partners to ensure the defense of Libyan sovereignty, adding that “Russian and Turkish forces should leave Libya as soon as possible.”

Macron said Paris “aims to maintain the ceasefire agreement in Libya”, adding that France would work with Libya to secure the borders with the help of neighboring countries in order to diminish operations of smuggling, human trafficking, illegal immigration and influx of terrorists to the country.


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