Mass grave of 12 bodies unearthed near Libya’s Al-Jufra airbase

The General Authority for Identifying Missing Persons has unearthed a mass grave containing 12 unidentified bodies near Al-Jufra airbase in central Libya – an area recently known to be controlled by Khalifa Haftar’s allies, Russian Wagner Group mercenaries.

The Authority said one of its teams dug out the remains of the unidentified bodies after a report of the location by the Military Prosecutor of Al-Jufra.

“Forensics took samples from the bodies on the scene for DNA tests to later compare them with the information on missing persons at the Authority.” The Authority explained.

The General Authority for Identifying Missing Persons said in last July that it had discovered 272 bodies – including four foreigners – in mass graves: the most of which were found in Tarhouna, while a few others had been unearthed in different locations.


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