Mastermind of 3 terrorist attacks is arrested

The head of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdul Hameed Dbeibah, announced the arrest of an alleged senior figure in ISIS, accused of planning and leading 3 terrorist operations that targeted the headquarters of the High National Electoral Commission (HNEC), the National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2018. The prime minister added that the security agencies worked side by side, and that the operation was carried out based on intelligence information, pledging to the families of the victims that the convicts will receive their punishment.

The Special Deterrence Force (SDF), also known as Radaa, revealed details of the arrest of the detained individual, whose name is Tariq Anwar and known as “Abu Issa”, by broadcasting a video of his confessions concerning operations that he planned in cooperation with his commander in the city of Sebha.

The SDF spokesman, Ahmed Ben Salem, told Libya Alahrar that the detainee was a Libyan national, and that his last operation was the bombing of the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ben Salem added that all those who participated in the operations targeting government headquarters are now either imprisoned or were killed at the time, claiming that there are organizations that are still active in the Libyan desert.

Ben Salem affirmed that the arrest and follow-up operations took place under the supervision and order of the Public Prosecutor. According to the confessions, “Tariq Anwar” joined the terrorist organization ISIS in 2015, and coordinated the operations executed in the Libyan capital three years later.

The Libyan capital witnessed a series of terrorist attacks in 2018, the first of which was the attack on the HNEC in May 2018, followed by the NOC attack in September, after which a third was conducted targeting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December of the same year.

Source: Libya Alahrar


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