Menfi at UN General Assembly: Individual interests are intertwined in Libya’s conflict

The Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, addressed the 77th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations on Wednesday, saying the individual interests that are intertwined in the situation in Libya, conflict of visions for a solution, and proxy wars had given little, if any, chance for Libyans to see a national solution take shape.

Menfi added that the negative foreign intervention in the solution tracks’ process led to contradictory paths and would keep pushing Libya toward armed conflict, inflexible political strife, and leave no room for mediation or concessions.

“The Libyan Presidential Council is still committed to the role assigned to it by the Libyan Political Agreement, as the supreme political authority in the country, representing its unity locally and internationally, and carrying out the duties of the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army, in addition to its mission in leading comprehensive national reconciliation efforts, in preparation for a peaceful and democratic transfer of power through simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections.” Menfi reamrked.

He also said that the Presidential Council’s responsibilities entail working in a balanced and impartial national path, despite the attempts of some political parties to drag the Council into the circle of political conflict.

“We’re also following up the dialogue between the House of Representatives and High Council of State, which so far has not resulted in agreement on a constitutional basis for elections. These dialogue meetings should go on without any deadlines and we are ready to intervene in order to break the political process in Libya out of this impasse.” Menfi said.

Menfi also talked about the economic level, the Libyan Presidential Council supports all efforts that led to the resumption of oil and gas production from all regions of Libya due to the national interest and stability of international markets, which are witnessing great pressures on energy-consuming economies.

“The Libyan Presidential Council is responsible for a transparent and fair management of oil revenues, the wealth of all Libyans, in a way that neutralizes public money from the political conflict, and ensures its use for the benefit of all Libyans in the various regions of the country, without political or geographical discrimination, which, if achieved, may alleviate the ongoing conflict over the executive authority, and provide a more stable and appropriate environment for the desired democratic transformation.” Menfi explained.


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