Menfi says will ensure consensus on Libya elections law before December 24

The Head of Libya’s Presidential Council, Moahmmed Menfi, said on Saturday he would urge candidates in elections, which are proposed for December 24, not to take part unless there was consensus on the vote’s legal framework.

Speaking to Reuters, in New York, Mohammed Menfi said it was his goal to make sure the national presidential and parliamentary elections went ahead as planned on Dec. 24.

“Not having a proper vision towards this election, not having this kind of consensus, is by itself a risk. The problem is not about the legality of the laws, it’s a political problem.” Menfi said.

He said the legal basis for December election must be agreed by both the House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HSC), adding that this is a constitutional path which is the main responsibility of the parliament and the HCS.

Menfi said it was vital to ensure before any election that there was agreement on its legal basis and that all candidates would agree to accept the results.

“If they don’t reach consensus, then sacrifice – let’s all withdraw from this process and step down,” he said, adding that the Presidential Council would step in only if the other bodies – the HoR, the HCS, the UN and Libyan Political Dialogue Forum – were unable to resolve a legal framework.

“Our goal is to make sure elections happen and we hand over on the 24th whatever happens,” Menfi added.


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