Misrata could see business strike over dismay at bank credits’ shutdown

The Head of the Misrata Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Fathi Al-Ameen, said the Chamber was concerned about the difficulties faced by businesspeople and member companies of the Chamber due to the inability to obtain letters of bank credit.

Members of the Misrata Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture demanded in a video statement last February the opening of letters of bank credit, threatening escalation if the closure persisted. 

Al-Ameen pointed out that the funds allocated for the letters of credit were still on hold in the banking system despite the payment of the required fees, adding that he had addressed the Central Bank regarding this issue but received no official response, which prompted him and the Chamber to resort to the regulatory authorities and the House of Representatives to request radical solutions.

Al-Ameen also criticized the decisions of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, rendering them as random. He said the decisions had caused problems at the ports, including stopping the supply of medicines except through bank credits, and thus leading to the disruption of businesspeople’s goods and the shortage of some of them for more than six months.

He warned that if the Chamber’s demands were not answered, escalatory steps could be taken, including a strike and closing shops and stores until the demands of companies and businesspeople had been answered.


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