Misrata throws a celebration in response to Haftar’s threats

Misrata local residents took to the streets Wednesday night to respond to the threats made by Khalifa Haftar as his deadline for the city to surrender ended.

Misratans celebrated on the streets and fired fireworks, chanting condemnations of Haftar’s attack on Tripoli and his threats to the city and renewing their support for Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) Operation under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Haftar’s spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari said in a televised statement on December 22 that some parties from Misrata are in talks with Haftar’s command for the withdrawal of their brigades from Tripoli and Sirte, giving the city three more days to withdraw its brigades from Tripoli or else it will be targeted.

Meanwhile, a statement by the Misrata special emergency room said the city has no delegation involved in dialogue with Khalifa Haftar, adding that Misrata hasn’t been affected by Haftar spokesman’s threats.

Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha took to Twitter to respond to Al-Mismari’s first Misrata threat, saying the city could surrender only if it was bombarded by 400.000 bombs; each one hitting a resident breathing freedom for his country.

The first deadline was made by Al-Mismari on December 19 and ended on Sunday – December 22 – when he extended it to three more days, calling on Misrata to withdraw forces from Tripoli and Sirte or else it will be bombed day and night. 

Misrata announced full mobilization of troops in mid-December, declaring the formation of a new emergency room aiming to ramp up support for the battle of defeating the attacking forces on the outskirts of Tripoli.


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