Morocco reopens embassy, consulate in Libya after nine-year hiatus

Morocco has decided to reopen its embassy and consulate in Libya after a nine-year hiatus, according to a statement by the Moroccan Foreign Ministry.

The decision came as part of a raft of new diplomatic appointments, with 23 new consul generals selected for a number of cities around the world.

The statement said on Tuesday that the Kingdom would return its diplomatic mission to Libya and reopen the embassy in Tripoli as well as the consulate in Benghazi.

According to the statement, the Moroccan ambassador would be Bouzakri Al-Rihani and the consul Saied Benkiran.

The Moroccan embassy in Tripoli has been closed since April 2015 due to a bomb attack claimed by the Islamic State – also known as ISIS. The attack caused damage to the embassy but no casualties.


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