MPs: Parliament can only be replaced by Libyans via elections

The member of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Jaballah Al-Shibani said the HoR cannot be overthrown and can only be replaced by a new parliament elected by the Libyan people.

Speaking to Libya Alahrar TV, Al-Shibani added on Saturday that the HoR had withdrawn confidence in the Government of National Unity (GNU) by an unprecedented majority out of national necessities, reiterating that the marriage funds and raise in teachers’ salaries are decisions that have been made by the HoR but now implemented by the GNU.

In the meantime, the member of the HoR, Essa Al-Araibi, said withdrawing confidence in the GNU was to disallow any future contracts it would sign with foreign states in the field of oil and gas, accusing the GNU of dragging the country into long-term contracts for the benefit of Prime Minister Abdul=Hamid Dbeibah’s relatives.

The HoR member, Khalifa Al-Daghari, indicated that the attempts to overthrow the HoR were driven by ideological parties that are not satisfied with the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s (LPDF) roadmap.

Al-Daghari told Libya Alahrar TV that Dbeibah was using Libyan money to undermine the HoR and that he didn’t want to hand over power by December 24 – the scheduled date of general elections in Libya.


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