NCHRL requests solution to the detainees and missing

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) valued the UN Support Mission’s efforts in achieving reconciliation between Libya’s parties through the selection of the new Presidential Council (PC) and the new government, to lead the country and prepare for the constitutional referendum and national elections scheduled later this year.

The NCHRL welcomed, in a statement on Saturday, the outcomes of the joint military committee (5+5), resuming the constitutional sessions in Egypt’s Hurghada, to arrange for the referendum and national elections.

The statement stressed the importance of addressing the detainees’ issue, uncover the fate of all the missing, due to the significance of this critical issue, on the humanitarian, legal and national levels, and in the context of arrangements for achieving national and social reconciliation in Libya.

The commission also called on the United Nations mission (UNSMIL) to take a more significant part in prisoners and detainees swap, based on social identity and political positions of all military and security parties across the country and push for the resumption of exchanges through the 5+5 committee.

It stressed the importance of the 5+5 committee to fully implement the ceasefire agreement, including the prisoners and detainees’ issues.


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