Ned Price: Washington meeting of foreign envoys to Libya “fake news”

The spokesman for the US Department of State, Ned Price, said on Friday that the report that foreign envoys to Libya would meet in Washington to discuss efforts aiming at holding elections in Libya was not accurate.

Answering a question in a press briefing, Price said the report of a meeting in Washington scheduled for Friday was erroneous.

“We take part in periodic consultations with key international stakeholders on how best to support the special representative of the secretary-general, SRSG Bathily, in setting the stage for elections in Libya and supporting the people of Libya. We look forward to hosting a future discussion as we have in the past, but we haven’t confirmed any dates at this time.” The US Department of State’s spokesman said.

Price said the US continues to be engaged with political leaders in Libya and international partners on that very way forward in Libya, including a political track to establish a timeframe for elections as quickly as possible.

“We strongly support the special representative of the secretary-general, the call for national consensus in Libya on establishing a clear timeline for elections. We believe there is no other way to secure stability and long-term peace.” Price reiterated.

He also said that the US shares the desire of all Libyans to see Libyan leaders adopt the necessary measures as quickly as possible to set that electoral process in motion.


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