New day – New Haftar carnage against civilians in Libya: 30 Military College cadets killed in airstrike

Thirty cadets from the Military College (Academy) in Al-Hadba in Tripoli have been murdered in cold blood by an airstrike of warplanes for Khalifa Haftar, who has been leading an attack on the capital with the help of foreign and Arab countries, for over nine months.

According to the latest information coming from the Field and Support Medical Center in Tripoli, in addition to the 30 cadets killed, there were over 33 others injured in the new carnage that Haftar’s forces had committed last night.

After the bloodbath had been committed, ambulances and civilian cars rushed to the scene in Al-Hadba to carry the injured and the bodies to nearby hospitals as footage on social media showed scores of cadets being lodged at Al-Khadra Hospital.

Also in the wake of the attack, the Libyan Health Ministry and Red Crescent called on residents in the capital to head to the Blood Bank in Tripoli and donate blood to help save as many lives as possible.

Meanwhile, many officials at the Government of National Accord (GNA) blamed the UAE for the strike and said the attack was carried out by an Emirati drone, with the Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha calling for cutting ties with the UAE for its blatant violation of Libya’s sovereignty.

Libyans in Tripoli and Misrata took to the streets following the attack and condemned the heinous crime by whom they called “warlord and war criminal Khalifa Haftar” and his Arab backers UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia as well as foreign backers; Russia and France.

The airstrike at midnight was another crime added by to a very long list of crimes committed by Haftar and his foreign and Arab supporters since the start of their offensive on Tripoli on April 04 2019.


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