New disagreements over the election laws between the HCS and the HoR

The High Council of State (HCS) in Libya has announced the discharging of its representative team in the 6+6 electoral track committee. This decision was made during the Council’s 11th session, which took place on Wednesday. The team had completed its task, which culminated in a unanimous agreement signed by its members in Bouznika, Morocco, on June 3 of this year.

Saad bin Sharada, a member of the HCS, stated that any changes or amendments to the agreed-upon articles with the House of Representatives (HoR) were denied by the committee members. He further added that the dissolution of the committee was a foregone conclusion.

In a related development, Amina Al-Mahjoub, another member of the HCS, revealed that the Council members decided to request the HoR to provide them with electoral laws. These laws had not been officially delivered to them.

On Wednesday, the HoR passed drafts of two laws for electing the President of State and Senate. Abdullah Bleiheq, spokesman for the HoR, announced that Agila Saleh, Speaker of Parliament, instructed that these laws be delivered to the High National Elections Commission (HNEC).


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