Nigeria seeks cooperation with Libya to address the arms proliferation crisis

Nigerian Defense Minister Mohamed Badaru called on Libya to cooperate with his country’s government to address the crisis of the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, as well as drug trafficking from Libya to Nigeria.

In his meeting with the Libyan delegation on the sidelines of the high-level African counter-terrorism meeting held in Abuja, Badaru stressed the need to work together to limit the spread of weapons on a large scale, according to what was reported by the Nigerian Ministry of Defense.

The two sides also discussed other pressing security issues that affect the security situation between the two countries, in addition to cooperation and exchange of intelligence information that would help in planning and directing policies between the two countries.

The Counter-Terrorism Summit addressed the issue of strengthening regional cooperation and building institutions to confront the evolving threat of terrorism, address current threats, capacity-building and international cooperation with the aim of reshaping the international community’s collective response to terrorism in Africa.


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