No full consensus yet in Cairo as UN Advisor calls on HoR, HCS to resolve issues

The third and final round of negotiations between the Joint House of Representatives and High Council of State Committee on the Libyan Constitutional Track drew to a close in the early morning of 20 June, UNSMIL said in a statement on Monday.

UNSMIL added that the Joint Committee had achieved a great deal of consensus on the contentious articles in the Libyan Draft Constitution.  

“Differences persist on the measures governing the transitional period leading to elections.” UNSMIL said.

Meanwhile, the Special Advisor to the Secretary General on Libya called upon the Presidencies of the two Chambers to meet within ten days at an agreed upon location to bridge outstanding issues.

Williams hailed the two Chambers for their efforts to resolve their differences on a number of complex issues.  

“The Libyan people deserve no less from their political leaders. I would also like to commend the professional staff of the Chambers for their tireless efforts.” She added.

Williams said the United Nations remains committed to supporting all Libyan efforts to end the country’s long period of transition and instability through inclusive and transparent national elections at the earliest possible date, and to meet the aspirations of the nearly three million who have registered to vote. 


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