Norland supports inclusive roadmap and welcomes possible technocrat government

The US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, has announced that what the US supports the proposal led by the head of UNSMIL Abdullah Bathlily which perceives the need for the Presidential Council, the House of Representatives, the High Council of State, Dbeibah and Haftar to all sit at the table to agree on a road map that discusses the conditions for candidacy and the government that will lead the country to elections.

In his interview with “Independent Arabia”,  Norland disapproved the idea of a new interim government in Libya that will last for years, and indicated that the last thing Libyans need now is another war in Tripoli, emphasizing  that trying to depose the current government  by force similar to the attempt of last year would be unsuccessful,

On the other hand, the American special envoy did welcome the idea of a possible interim government of technocrats in Libya whose sole mission would be to lead the country to elections, stressing the need to negotiate this step with the current government, as well as other parties.

Norland considered that foreign countries that previously supported a military approach in Libya found it to be unproductive, and that local and foreign actors in Libya have come to recognize that stability can be achieved through credible elections.

Commenting on the security situation , Norland pointed to the conditions in the southern part of the country, bordering the Sahel countries,  as one where unrest is apparent, considering  that also the fighting that the capital witnessed earlier this month gave a very dangerous and negative message, adding that Libya needs to unify its institutions and army.

Norland declared that the US is using its influence to try to keep the focus on the political track, elaborating later on that Washington seeks to play a stabilizing role in Libya through political means.

Source: The Independent Arabia


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