Organization for World Peace: Libyan children are living in untenable conditions

The Organization for World Peace has indicated that about 200.000 childre are deprived of education in Libya due to war, adding that children are living in dire and untenable conditions.

The organization said in a report on Saturday that there are several indications that point to the recruitment of children by armed groups, deploying them for fighting on frontlines, which is totally at odds with all the conventions and treaties signed by Libya in this regard.

According to the organization, the situation on the ground in Libya makes it very difficult for documentation of violations and also for providing assistance, citing restrictions by Libyan authorities on NGOs.

Meanwhile, on March 04, UNICEF said the ongoing conflict in Libya had impacted the lives of about 1.8 million Libyans, including 268.000 children, warning that children and teenagers were specifically vulnerable to remnants of war, explosives and landmines.


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