Oun and US State Department officials discuss Libya’s oil and gas potentials

The Libyan Minister of Oil and Gas, Mohammed Oun, discussed with officials from the US State Department the file of oil revenues and how to put them into the best use to develop Libya on its way to the transition toward the use of renewable energy.

Oun presented during the meeting, which took place in Washington, the Libyan Oil Ministry’s vision for the future of the oil sector, and its endeavor to achieve the principle of transparency and good governing, the ministry said in a statement on its Facebook page on Thursday.

The meeting was attended by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for North African Affairs, North Africa file official at the US National Security Council and his deputy, in addition to the Libya file official at the Near East Office of the State Department.

The Libyan Oil and Gas Minister highlighted the importance of American technology and experience, and the role the US can play in exploring and developing oil fields in Libya, in addition to exploiting shale oil and gas reserves that can contribute to meeting the needs of the global market.

The American side reaffirmed support for the vision of the Ministry of Oil and Gas in Libya and the importance of benefiting from oil revenues to serve Libyans, noting that the American administration does not object to providing technical and practical assistance through its companies in the field of oil and gas in Libya.


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