Oun announces temporary halt of his duties as Minister of Oil and Gas

Mohammed Oun announced that he would “temporarily” stop performing his duties as Minister of Oil and Gas in the Government of National Unity until he issued a statement otherwise.

In a video statement, Oun called on the Prime Minister to correct the issue related to his duties, either by enabling him to carry out his assigned duties or issuing a decision to dismiss him in accordance with the applicable laws and legislation.

“A letter from the Prime Minister on June 27 was sent to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil to continue running the ministry’s duties until further notice, despite my actual presence in the ministry’s office as a full-time legitimate minister for the ministry’s affairs in general.” Oun said.

Oun added that his departure from the scene came “out of concern for the stability of work in the oil and gas sector, to avoid any confusion in the conduct of oil operations, and to confirm that the image of the oil and gas sector among others is a good, bright image, especially among international observers and respected petroleum authorities and companies that have contracts with Libya.”

Oun stressed that he did not want to distort the good image of Libya among foreign oil companies as a result of internal disputes, in a way that affects Libya’s national interests with international oil companies or those wishing to invest in Libya.


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