Over 100 bodies found in Tarhouna Hospital after liberation by GNA

The Libyan Field Medical Support Center has revealed that over 100 bodies have been found at Tarhouna Hospital after the city is liberated from Khalifa Haftar’s militias.

The center said that 37 bodies were found inside a container in Tarhouna Hospital and they had been taken to Misrata, while 17 others were found at the “Dar Al-Rahma” of the Hospital and they had been sent to Tripoli University Hospital.

The center also said that 20 other bodies had been sent to Abu Salim Accidents Hospital, while ten bodies were handed over to their families directly at Tarhouna Hospital after being recognized by the relatives.

17 other bodies had been left at the hospital in Tarhouna as they hadn’t been recognized, the center said.

The bodies have all been found in normal rooms inside the hospital, not in the morgue, and they had been decomposed due to temperature.


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