Over 15 bodies recovered from liberated areas in south Tripoli

The Head of the Directorate for Search and Recognition of the Missing Kamal Abu Bakr has confirmed recovering over 15 bodies in south Tripoli neighborhoods after liberating them from Khalifa Haftar’s militias.

Abu Bakr said in a presser on Tuesday that the work of the Directorate was being hindered by the spread of mines and IEDs in south Tripoli.

He also indicated that their search teams had been subject to mine explosions, and that they had to coordinate with the military engineers and demining experts to carry out their work.

“We have received information that there had been many mass graves in Tarhouna as the city’s mayor said some bodies were found in landfills.” Abu Bakr added.

He called on the relatives of the mission people to contact the Directorate so they can provide DNA samples to recognize their missing family members.

Meanwhile, the Directorate warned of approaching the dead bodies or even picking them, saying the relative authorities will do this work as there so many risks to the process.


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