Over 2000 Syrian mercenaries with Wagner are still in Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has reported that at least 2000 Syrian mercenaries recruited by Russia for the Kremlin-linked Wagner Group in Libya are still in the war-torn country with Khalifa Haftar’s militias.

SOHR said in a statement on Tuesday that Russia had been taking advantage of the disastrous living conditions Syrians were living in their country amid war and the need for work by the Syrian young men, hence, it continued to lure them into recruitment to fight in Libya in the ranks of Russia’s Wagner Group.

SOHR also reiterated that the Syrian mercenaries fighting for Haftar’s militias with the Wagner Group are not being sent back to Syria and are still operating in Libya.

“One Syrian mercenary fighter died of wounds he sustained back in February. He died at a hospital and thus raised the number of killed Syrian fighters among Haftar’s militias to eight.” SOHR explained, saying the other seven were killed in a landmine explosion as they were driving a car distributing foods on February 04.


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