Pivotal local efforts continue to lead the way in relief operations

National agencies in Libya continue to follow up on the relief efforts conducted in the flood-affected areas in Derna and other parts of the Green Mountain, as hope for finding more survivors is reaching its final days.

Despite the fading hope, local and international rescue teams have continued to save survivors in different locations of the storm struck areas. The flood-affected area in Derna is currently uninhabitable, and residents in the safe area of Derna were urged not to drink groundwater as it may be contaminated.

The Tripoli Public Services Company, among its more recent roles, has been working on removing damaged vehicles blocking the streets of Derna. The recovery process has been ongoing in downtown Derna, and the company has been successful in removing a significant number of vehicles from the area.

In other news, the Man-Made River Public Company has announced that temporary bridge construction has begun to reconnect Derna’s western and eastern sides. This is a significant development for both the residents of Derna and the rescue teams who have all been struggling to move around the city since the floods.

The Al-Bayda Red Crescent branch was able to successfully deploy team members by air into the Red Valley region around the Qasr Miqadam area which was also severely hit. The team members managed to deliver food baskets for 100 isolated families in the area, which currently represents a much-needed relief effort for those affected by the floods.

Meanwhile, Frogmen elements from Misurata and the Missing Persons Authority have recovered 29 bodies, while the Government Emergency Team elaborated on the medical assistance being provided to those affected by the floods. Dialysis machines and medications are now available for a duration of at least three months in affected areas, and 99 containers have arrived to support the Medical Supply Department with necessary medical requirements. The number of medical personnel that have arrived in the eastern region has reached 550 who have helped establish and operate health centers in flood-affected areas.

The Government Team has divided Derna into three zones to address the health and epidemiological situation in the city. The management of an event of this magnitude represents and unprecedented challenge to all parties involved, however collaboration between the different agencies is beginning to build essential success stories that have saved lives in the devastated areas.


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