PM: Libya Stabilization Conference is strong message of development, unity

The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, has reiterated that Libya Stabilization Conference – the first in ten years – is a strong message showing Libya’s stability and development process.

In his opening remarks to the attendees of the Libya Stabilization Conference, Dbeibah called for the support of all parties involved in the Libyan situation in order to reach an understanding regarding the controversial issues, especially that of foreign forces’ presence.

Dbeibah said the conference isn’t a way to break out from the commitments made by his government to the Libyan people, rather; it reiterates the continuation of the government’s support for holding elections in the best environment possible, and for urging all Libyan parties to accept the results of elections.

The Prime Minister indicated that his government had been supporting the work of the National Elections Commission toward the aim of holding December elections without delay, reiterating that his government was elected to achieve peace, security and stability after years of political fragmentation.

Dbeibah said stability in the last months in Libya had reflected on many measures taken by the government, especially the pay raise of some of the public sector employees, saying the government would finish a unified pay rate for all public sector employees by the end of 2021.

The Libyan Prime Minister also indicated that his government made sure that all Libyan areas are represented in the peaceful comprehensive political solution, reiterating that achieving justice and basing services on citizenship are the foundation for a stable, unified Libya under an elected, civilian political leadership.


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