Political, military leaderships reject Libya elections’ laws

Political, military and civilian leaderships rejected in Tripoli on Tuesday holding presidential elections without a constitutional basis, saying it would be a beginning of a dictatorship no matter the results.

The gathering was attended by politicians and elected officials in addition to lawmakers from the House of Representatives and members of the High Council of State as well as mayors and civil society representatives.

The final statement of the gathering called for holding elections on December 24 without any hindrances but as per a constitutional basis according to the roadmap of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF).

The statement reiterated that the attendees had rejected the current elections’ laws issued by the House of Representatives because they violate the constitutional declaration and political agreement, in addition to being contested by the law.

The gathering’s final statement also indicated that rejecting the laws doesn’t mean rejecting elections, saying the body that issued the “flawed laws” is the first hindering party to elections.

It also urged the High National Elections Commission to commit to neutrality and to work as per the constitutional declaration and political agreement.


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