Prelude to Libyan national reconciliation conference calls for holding elections

The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, called for exerting pressure on all political bodies in Libya in order to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation, stressing the need to complete the project in addition to the constitutional basis to achieve the aspirations of the Libyan people for holding elections.

Menfi stressed at the preparatory meeting for Libyan national reconciliation conference on Sunday in Tripoli that the Presidential Council “stands at the same distance from all parties,” pointing out that it was not a party to the conflict on power nor was it a part of the problem in Libya.

Menfi also warned that “the already-used formulas” for resolving the crisis in Libya had failed because they ignored the solution and the demands of the people to fulfill the demands of politicians.

The Head of the Presidential Council stressed that the national reconciliation project would only be effective with the involvement of the security, legislative, judicial and executive authorities.

The meeting was virtually attended by a number of African Union officials, including the Chairman Macky Sall, Arab League’s Chairman Ahmad Aboul Gheit, as well as other officials.


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