Presidential Council announces preparations for a reconciliation conference

Vice President of the Presidential Council Abdullah Allafi announced from the Congolese capital Brazzaville, the initiation of the preparatory committee for the inclusive conference on national reconciliation.

The Republic of the Congo hosted on the 19th and 20th of this month a two-day meeting on pathways of reconciliation concerning the Libyan conflict. The event was sponsored by the African Union in an attempt to establish foundations for communication between different parties in Libya. Representatives of several political bodies took part in the meeting including the vice president of the Presidential Council. Allafi stressed during his speech on Thursday, that the council will do its best to develop a framework for a reconciliation with the help of Libyan expertise in order to formulate a strategy with specific objectives that will be truly Libyan.

The President of the Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, indicated that the African Union believes holding a comprehensive national reconciliation conference is a prerequisite for organizing credible elections in Libya, the results of which will be accepted by all parties. Nguesso criticized what he described as the turbulent roles of international actors in Africa, and renewed his country’s and the African Union’s support for Libya regarding reconciliation, noting that the convening of the inclusive conference will be a huge step towards establishing national reconciliation on the basis of justice, fairness, and rejecting division.

Last September, the President of the Presidential Council Mohamed Menfi had announced the launch of a reconciliation project. This file represents one of the key responsibilities of the presidential council according to the outcomes of the Geneva political dialogue sponsored by the UN in 2021.

Source: Libya Al-Ahrar + Libyan Presidential Council


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