Presidential Council urges dialogue for stability in Al-Zawiya

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Abdullah Al-Lafi, discussed upon his visit to Al-Zawiya on Saturday with elders, dignitaries, the mayor of Al-Zawiya, and the president and members of the Social Council of Bani Walid, the state of political impasse in the country, and the problems facing Libya in general, including what Al-Zawiya is going through, calling for setting aside differences to strengthen unity and stability.

Al-Lafi stressed the necessity of renouncing differences to enhance unity and stability, reiterating the role of elders and dignitaries in promoting stability and respect for the rule of law in the country.

The attendees in the meeting stressed the need for dialogue and cooperation to overcome the challenges facing the country, the importance of respecting the rule of law, and promoting the values of democracy and human rights.

They also reaffirmed their support for the national reconciliation project, which is led by the Presidential Council (PC), and hailed the steps the PC had taken in bringing the parties together and paving the way for the upcoming elections.


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