Pro-Haftar tribesmen request Sisi’s military intervention in Libya

Tribal elders and dignitaries, loyal to Khalifa Haftar and his militias, met Thursday with the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in Cairo in a meeting aimed at staging a military intervention by the Egyptian army in Libya to help raise the stakes of warlord Haftar in the Libyan conflict.

According to pro-Haftar media, over 50 elders and dignitaries enlisted in the meeting, was upon Sisi’s invitation, military intervention by the Egyptian army in Libya.

The Libyan tribesmen included coordinator of pro-Haftar social affairs council Beleed Al-Sheikhi, and staunch Haftar loyalist Saleh Al-Fandi, as well as many other so-called elders and dignitaries.

Egypt’s Sisi said in the meeting that his red lines in Libya aim for peace, adding that when he mentioned Sirte and Jufra as red lines, he called for peace and stability.

“We’re ready to train Libya’s tribesmen to build a united national army as we won’t sit idly by to watch threats being made to our national security.” Sisi added.

He also indicated, threatening Libyan people, that his country won’t allow Libya to become a hub for terrorism even if it meant starting a direct Egyptian military intervention in Libya, which was requested by the elders who arrived in Cairo based on the Tobruk-based Parliament’s request as well.


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