Recovering bodies from Derna sea continues as Turkish rescuers remain on the ground

Recovering bodies from sea is still ongoing in Derna, an employee at the city’s port, Saleh Masoud, has reported, saying that only the Turkish relief team is still on the ground helping retrieve the bodies along with an Egyptian company outside the port.

Masoud told Libya Al-Ahrar TV channel that the number of bodies were not identified in a definite figure, saying the teams in the port recovered five bodies on Friday, adding that they had pulled out 100 vehicles but there were no bodies inside them.

He also said that there were still more vehicles at sea, adding that “Al-Sabah” crane was returned to Zueitina port after finishing work in Derna port, while a new crane would join this week to resume search for vehicles and bodies.

The Director of the Institute for Diving Specialization, Al-Sahrif Al-Mahjoub, told Libya Al-Ahrar TV channel that there were vehicles drowned at sea in Derna, saying some of them had entire families inside.


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