Reopening of Ras Ajdir border postponed for the third time

The Director of International Health Oversight at Ras Ajdair border between Libya and Tunisia, Mukhtar Al-Mansuri, said the border wasn’t reopened on Monday as scheduled. In a statement to Libya Al-Ahrar TV on Monday, Al-Mansuri said there could be a meeting with the protesters, to consider and discuss their demands.

Al-Mansuri added that the border was only partially open to humanitarian cases and diplomats,knowing that the Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday that the border would be completely open to traveler traffic on Monday.

Tunis Afrique Presse cited a security source as saying that movement at the Ras Ajdair border crossing will remain limited to urgent humanitarian, health and diplomatic cases, after the crossing was scheduled to be opened on Monday to traveler traffic and the announcement of the restoration of its full activity by the Libyan and Tunisian sides.

This came while the official Facebook page of the Ministry of the Interior of deleted an invitation to the media to attend the reopening ceremony of the crossing.

The Tunisian security source commented on the postponement, saying the issue is linked to the Libyan side that closed the crossing since last March due to an internal matter, and the decision to reopen it remains linked to Libya as well.

The complete reopening of the border was previously postponed for the second time last Thursday to complete some procedures, according to what the Ministry of Interior said.


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