Report of UN Secretary General: Haftar’s airstrikes killed 32 military cadets in Tripoli

The United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has issued his report on Libya detailing the violations and criminal acts that took place, especially since the aggression of Khalifa Haftar’s militias has started.

Haftar’s Killings of Civilians

The UN Secretary General confirmed that aircraft affiliated with Haftar was responsible for the killing of 32 cadets at the Military College in Tripoli on January 04.

Guterres said Haftar’s warplanes had carried out 1020 airstrikes on public, government and military facilities since April 04, 2019.

“850 airstrikes were carried out by drones, 110 by aircraft and 60 by foreign warplanes.” The UN Secretary General said.

Guterres remarked that three children were killed on October 14 in airstrikes on a residential neighborhood in Al-Fernaj in Tripoli after six people were killed, including children, on October 06 due to artillery shelling on Forousiyah Club in Janzour.

He also added that the UN had documented that Haftar’s forces carried out airstrikes on Al-Ramla and Al-Aziziya, killing three people and injuring four others, in addition to killing seven civilians on November 18 in an airstrike on a factory in Tajoura.

Guterres added that Haftar’s forces were responsible for killing three children on December 02 in airstrike on Al-Sawani and on December 27, killing two people in Al-Zawiya.

Crimes of Tarhouna’s Al-Kanyat

The UN Secretary General’s report indicated that Al-Kanyat militias of Tarhouna killed 39 people, including civilians, and injured tens others in the city of Tarhouna in last August.

Eastern Libya: Crimes Hub

Guterres explained that eastern Libya is plagued with crimes and atrocities committed by Haftar’s militias, saying Benghazi has become a place of illicit economic activities like selling drugs and weapons.

The report documented kidnapping the Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority then releasing him, let alone the abduction of the former Head of Lawyers’ Syndicate in Benghazi, the murder of a Jumhouriya Bank clerk, and kidnapping the General Manager of the National Commercial Bank.

Guterres also referred to unearthing a mass grave in Al-Hawari in Benghazi, kidnapping the Head of Medical Services from her house in Derna and murdering two Sudanese women after abducting and torturing them.

The report indicated that a Libyan old woman – in her 70’s – was kidnapped from her house in Benghazi, in addition to storming into the house of the Head of Seventh Criminal Circle of the city.


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