Report: Russia increases presence in east Libya by at least 1800 soldiers

Russia has transferred about 2000 soldiers and fighters to Libya in the last two months, an investigation by “All Eyes On Wagner” reveals.

The fighters – between 1800 and 2000 – are mainly in Cyrenaica – east of Libya – in the territories controlled by Khalifa Haftar.

“All Eyes On Wagner” (Aeow), an investigative project started by OpenFacto, a French non-profit organization with experience in open source investigations, was carried out with the independent news site “Verstka” and with the support of Radio Svoboda, the Russian-language service of Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a communications organization and radio broadcaster founded by the United States Congress.

According to “All Eyes On Wagner,” several Russian soldiers have been transferred to Libya since the beginning of the year under the cover of a paramilitary organization.

“Several Russian soldiers were transferred to Niger while others remained in Libya awaiting further instructions”. All Eyes on Wagner said.

Russia has been actively sending military shipments from Syria to Tobruk in eastern Libya, with at least two shipments arriving in the last two months.


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