Representatives of Zuwara confirm their support for efforts to combat smuggling

Representatives of the city of Zuwara affirmed their support for the steps taken to combat human and fuel smuggling in the western region.

This came during their meeting with the Deputy President of the Presidential Council, Musa Al-Koni, and Chief of Staff, Mohamed Al-Haddad, according to what was published by the Press Office of the Presidential Council.

The Press Office stated that Al-Koni and Al-Haddad discussed with a delegation from Zuwarah the latest developments in the situation in the western region, in addition to the problems and difficulties facing the provision of services in the city. For his part, Al-Koni stressed the necessity to overcome the difficulties facing the city and its residents, in coordination with the city’s municipality and social actors..

This meeting comes in light of military mobilization towards the city by the joint operations room to secure the western.


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