Rising Russian influence in Libya

A Daily Express report has warned that Russian influence in Libya and Africa will soon reach what it perceived as “dangerous levels” unless the West acts more decisively according to the British newspaper.

The newspaper confirmed in its report on Sunday that Moscow has allowed its mercenaries in Libya to earn 5 billion pounds from oil sales since 2022, noting that the monthly salary of soldiers in Libya amounts to 20 million pounds.

The Daily Express indicated that the Russian forces in Libya include 15 Russian pilots, 35 technical experts, and 80 administrative employees.

This information comes weeks after reports by the Italian “Nova” agency stated that Russia transferred Wagner mercenaries from the Brak al-Shati base in southern Libya to other African countries, and replaced them with soldiers affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Nova” suggested that the new Russian presence in Libya is of increasing strategic importance, especially with the location of the Brak Al-Shati base far from residential areas, noting that there are also senior leaders and military officers from “Wagner” stationed at the Tamanhint base located in the municipality of Wadi Al-Bawanis.


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