Rivals agree to unify Libya’s Petroleum Facilities Guard

Libya’s parties have agreed to unify forces that protect oil facilities following the United Nations-sponsored talks with the head of the country’s National Oil Corporation (NOC).

The talks were held on Monday in Brega, part of the coastal area known as the Oil Crescent that is believed to hold most of Libya’s oil.

“Today in this historic location, at this historic moment we launched a process to unify the petroleum facilities guards,” Stephanie Williams, the acting head of the UN’s Support Mission in Libya, told reporters in Brega.

NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla told Libya Alahrar that the aim is to create a new protection force that would be made up of civilian and military personnel and its leader would be affiliated with the corporation.

Earlier this month, the NOC said production of Libyan crude oil exceeded one million barrels per day, the same level before the blockade made by warlord Khalifa Haftar began in January.


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