Russia calls for reconciliation in Libya and stresses the need to find an approach towards stability

The Russian Foreign Minister said that his country will activate all its communication lines with the parties in the Libyan conflict to persuade them to participate in the “national peace” conference proposed by the Republic of the Congo.

In a statement to French AFP, Lavrov confirmed his support for organizing a reconciliation conference in Libya to get the country out of its crisis.

During his statements, Lavrov considered what happened in Libya a tragedy accusing the West of trying to impose concepts there.

Lavrov stressed the need to find an approach that guarantees the country’s recovery and the Libyans’ restoration of their state, away from the West’s goals, as he put it.

Lavrov is on an African tour, in an attempt to restore Russia’s influence in Africa, which it lost after the fall of the Soviet Union, according to the French agency.


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