Second hijacker of Libyan plane to Malta in 2016 slapped with 10-year jail time

A Maltese court has sentenced a Libyan national who is involved in the hijacking of an aircraft to Malta in 2016 for 10 years in jai, Reuters reports.

The hijack mastermind, Moussa Ali, was jailed in Malta for 25 years in 2020.

The report said on Tuesday that Ali Ahmed Lano Saleh was one of two men who hijacked an Afriqiyah Airlines Airbus A320 to Malta on December 23, 2016. He was sentenced after he had pleaded guilty.

In sentencing Saleh, the court said it had taken into account the fact that he had pleaded guilty, that the passengers were released quickly and unharmed, and that he was not the mastermind of the hijacking.

The plane had been on an internal flight in Libya when the two hijackers ordered the pilot to divert to Rome, but they landed in Malta instead because of a lack of fuel.

At the time, the two men threatened to blow up the plane, but their weapons later turned out to be fake and the 109 passengers were released unharmed.


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