Security Council voices concern about Libya division, calls for holding elections

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) confirmed in a report that the ceasefire agreement remained in place in Libya during the year 2022 despite the tense security situation in the country.

Ceasefire is Holding

The UNSC indicated that by monitoring the general situation in the country in the last six months of 2022, it decided that the monitoring mission would continue to support Libya in establishing a Libyan mechanism to monitor the ceasefire capable of coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the progress made in the withdrawal of foreign forces, mercenaries and fighters.

The report said that the UNSC would continue to support Libyan efforts to implement the provisions of the ceasefire agreement, reduce tensions, and build mutual trust among relevant Libyan actors.

“Eight UN ceasefire observers arrived in Tripoli and worked from 18 August to 26 September, 2022. The Chief and Deputy Chief of the Ceasefire Monitoring Mission also started working. They will continue to support the work of the Libyan ceasefire observers in establishing a mechanism in Sirte, if conditions were suitable.” The report says.

Elections Need Consensus

It warned of the constant threat represented by the random spread of ammunition and the dangers of storing weapons in populated areas in Libya, especially after incidents that occurred in Misrata, Msallata, Zliten, Ain Zara and other locations.

“Shootings, violent clashes among armed groups and explosive remnants of war remained the main causes of killing and maiming, according to the Security Council.” UNSC’s report adds.

The report also voiced concerns about the continuing division over executive authority and the use of violence as well as clashes for political ends, urging all actors to maintain calm, stressing the need to complete the constitutional basis with consensus for holding elections, calling on all actors to overcome the remaining obstacles to holding free and fair elections.

UNSC’s report stressed that the solution to the Libyan crisis should be led by Libyans alone, indicating that the UN would continue its support for facilitating dialogue and ensuring Libya’s path to peace is attainable.

Source: Security Council


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