Senior ISIS leader arrested in Libya

Sources from Brigade 444 have confirmed to Libya Alahrar TV that they had arrested a senior leader of the “Islamic State” (ISIS) terrorist group, Mustafa bin Dallah, after surrendering himself in Bani Walid – southeast of Tripoli.

The sources said that bin Dallah had been wanted after an arrest warrant had was issued against him by the Public Prosecutor since Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation against ISIS in Sirte in 2015-2016.

Bin Dallah was also targeted by US Africa Command (AFRICOM) twice, and his house was stormed in the Dhahra region of Bani Walid under air cover with the participation of US forces.

Sources from Brigade 444 added that Bin Dallah was responsible for securing ISIS leaders and the arrival of supplies to the terrorist group’s fighters, saying that he had brought in the “ISIS Emir” in Libya, Abu Muadh Al-Iraqi, in addition to a number of ISIS senior leaders.


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