Seven casualties in renewed shelling on Tripoli by Haftar’s militias

Three people have been injured as a rocket fired by Khalifa Haftar’s militias has fallen on their house in Al-Saba areax according to the media adviser of Libya’s Health Ministry Ameen Al-Hashimi.

Burkan Al-Ghadab media office said Haftar’s militias had targeted Al-Saba, Bab Benghashir, Ras Hassan, Al-Soor Road and Baer Al-Tuta areas including the emergency and ambulance apparatus building.

Meanwhile, Libya Alahrar TV correspondent said four civilians had been injured as Haftar’s rockets fell on Al-Soor Road on Wednesday.

Since they announced commitment to a humanitarian halt of hostilities a few days ago, Haftar’s militias have been carrying out violent rocket attacks on civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli with 12 casualties being registered – six deaths, including women and children – besides other casualties in Wednesday morning attacks.


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