Sky Line International condemns smear campaign against Libya Alahrar TV

Sky Line International Organization has condemned the “massive smear campaign” against Libya Alahrar TV and the attempts to jam its satellite frequencies.

In a statement on Monday, the organization called for commitment to the human rights’ standards that guarantee to everyone to express their opinions and in form of journalism publishing.

Sky Line said Libya Alahrar TV was targeted with smear social media campaign on Twitter and via reports, besides the systematic jamming of its satellite frequencies.

“Some accusations against the Channel were “division advocacy and hate speech” just because Alahrar was different in its opinions and ideas from the accusing channels and media outlets.” The report says.

The Head of Sky Line, Sheren Awad, said Libya Alahrar TV had been subjected to increasing smear campaigns and jamming attacks because of its role in covering the fighting in Libya, especially the ongoing clashes between GNA forces and Haftar’s militias.”

Awad said such attacks and campaigns are against international and human rights laws, which ensure the right to express one’s opinions and the journalists’ rights to speak their minds.

“We condemn the attempts to defame Libya Alahrar by paying trolls on Twitter to say things that stain the reputation of the channel. This is considered systematic hate speech.” She indicated.

Awad also said that political difference as well as different opinions among the warring parties don’t justify plunging the media outlets in a myriad of smear campaigns or demonizing them.


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