Smuggler jailed by Attorney General Office’s orders

The Libyan Attorney General’s Office has announced the imprisonment of an importation company’s commissioner for using forged customs’ documents to bring in smuggled goods to the country.

The commissioner smuggled 28,650 tons of genetically modified corn into Libya while being knowingly aware of the product’s violation of the Libyan importation standards as well as the danger it would pose to the health of the people..

“We have coordinated with the anti smuggling and drugs authority as well as the food and drug control center to follow up the situation. Together, we inspected the important shipment and rendered it as a violation of Libyan laws in force.” The Attorney General’s Office.

The Attorney General’s Office has been very active lately in following up sources of corruption and the mismanagement of public funds in Libya, ordering the arrest and suspension from work of a number of officials from different state and public institutions.


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