Tarhouna inhabitants discover a new mass grave

The effects of the war on Tripoli are still uncovered day after day, the war that remained for nearly a year and a half. It was led by the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, who brought Russian and African mercenaries to destroy Tripoli.

The latest unfolded result of that unjust war was the mass grave that the inhabitants of Tarhouna city had discovered.One of the victims in the last grave was a lady named Zahra Matoug, who was abducted during the war on Tripoli. Zahra lived in one of the affected areas in Tripoli with her husband.

A security source from Tarhouna clarified that the “Kanies” militia, affiliated with Haftar’s troops, had arrested Zahra’s husband and two women from the same area, accusing them of sending information and coordinates to the defenders of Tripoli.

The source said that after arresting her husband in June 2019, the Kanies forced him to call Zahra from his phone to ask her to visit him. The source added that Zahra was disappeared since she visited him until they found her body in the grave. The forensic medicine had identified her body through DNA detection.

The families had identified two other victims’ bodies in the same grave, Seraj Al-Abani and Abubaker Naama, both from Tarhouna city.Naama was born in 1984, and he was a father of two children; the Kanies kidnapped him in November 2019.

It is worth mentioning that the Kany family had led the Kanies Militia in Tarhouna. They had supported Haftar in his unjust war against Tripoli. In mid-2020, when Haftar’s troops were defeated, the Kany brothers fled to Benghazi to protect themselves under Haftar’s forces. They left mass graves and an enormous number of victims in Tarhouna. But one of them was killed by the hands of Haftar’s militias in Benghazi the last couple of weeks.

Observers and human rights activists call for considering Haftar and his loyal followers as war criminals that should be brought to the court to judge them.


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